Natural Perfumers Guild

The Guild is the first international organization dedicated to 100% natural perfume.

Established 2006 with the highest standards in natural perfumery

Hello and welcome to the Guild website. I'm Anya McCoy, the President of the Guild and a professional perfumer. When I started the first modern natural perfumery line in the USA in 1991, an organization such as this was just a dream.

Now we are recognized the 'greenest of the green' because we hold our professional perfumers to a higher standard than any other organization. We welcome all who love 100% natural fragrances and we work diligently to advance the public education and artisan and independent perfumer aspects of our art.


Mission Statement

The Natural Perfumers Guild was established in 2006 and is the only international trade organization dedicated to promoting the beauty and benefits of 100% natural fragrances and giving a voice to the artisan natural perfumer.

Our mission is to gather, strengthen and empower our existing member community, increase public awareness through education about pure and natural perfumes, and establish standards of excellence in perfumery by protecting the traditional art of perfumery through ethical standards.

The Guild also addresses legislative issues that affect natural perfumery. Our Code defines the elements that make us a self-regulating organization. Our standards for our Professional Perfumers are the highest in the world regarding the use of natural ingredients.Please see the Definition of Natural Perfumery link in the menu and feel free to contact the Guild if you have any questions about natural perfume.


Natural Perfumers Guild President Anya McCoy

Guild President Anya McCoy


In a historic move, the American Society of Perfumers' membership voted to add me as a member of this venerated professional association. I am the first artisan perfumer to achieve this status in their sixty-six year history. This is a wonderful advancement for recogniton of artisan perfumery. I look forward to nominating other artisan perfumers into this organization.


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