Natural Perfumers Guild

Certification of Natural Fragrance

The Natural Perfumers Guild (NPG) has set standards for those who wish to become Certified Natural Perfumers (CNP) in anticipation of government regulation on the use of the word natural. The criteria for naturalness of materials can be found on the Definition of Natural Perfumery page. We have done this to define and separate the Guild from the current surge in use of isolates that are not natural, but being sold as such, and incorportaed in "natural" perfumes. In the past, and still, the main area of examination is the use of the concretes, absolutes, and essential oils, and the review of the perfumes containing them: now the use of isolates is also examined.

Applicants for CNP status submit samples of their perfumes, and a list of the aromatics used in the perfumes, accompanied by the names of the supply houses. This allows the NPG Review Committee to use their years of experience in sourcing, vetting materials, and evaluating perfumes to make a decision on the perfumes.

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