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The Apprentice Program is temporatily closed at this time. We will announce when it is open again and encourage potential apprentices to keep studying, blending, and working towards a goal of becoming an professional perfumer.

We are pleased to announce the Natural Perfumers Guild Apprenticeship Program. The Natural Perfumers Guild (NPG) Apprenticeship Program was established so that apprentices can be mentored by a NPG professional perfumer who can assist them in improving their perfume composition or business/marketing skills by means of a mentor/apprentice relationship.

The NPG Apprenticeship Program is inspired by the model of the classical apprenticeship programs of the artisan Guilds of the Middle Ages. It is intended to give hands-on experience and personal interaction between perfumer and apprentice to develop a deeper understanding and expertise in how to compose a professional perfume, as well as access to information about the business side of the art.

The philosophy behind the program is to maintain, nourish and evolve the tradition of artisan natural perfumery. The NPG Apprenticeship Program provides a structure in which a new generation of natural perfumers will receive training and guidance from a working perfumer with a wealth of knowledge in the field. This program encourages curiosity, exploration, and supported self-learning accompanied with feedback and assistance on an as-needed basis.

The NPG Apprenticeship Program will help the apprentice enhance their skills and strengthen their understanding of all areas of natural perfumery, including the aesthetics, technical methods, and business skills. The perfumer gets the rewarding opportunity to enhance their teaching skills, network, and assist in the professional development of members of the natural perfumery community. The NPG Apprenticeship Program consists of a six-month semester. The apprentice may, upon submittal of the signed application, continue on in the program for additional semesters after review by the Guild President and Program Coordinator.

There are two documents for interested applicants to download:

1. The NPG Apprenticeship Program Agreement click here

2. The NPG Apprenticeship Application click here

The documents are in Word.doc format and the applicant can fill in the answers on the forms and send them to the Program Coordinator Elise Pearlstine at the email address provided in the documents.

The program is open to Friends, Associates and Supplier members of the Guild. If you are interested in this program, and wish to be considered in the pool of applicants, you must be a current member or join the Guild.

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